Hi there. I'm Janie Hayes.

I've been a communications specialist for almost 20 years. It's a job that has taken me around the world and back again. I got my start as a copywriter but quickly transitioned out of advertising to focus on helping non-profits and NGOs. I've worked for the U.S State Department on the war-torn island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. I've spent two years in Malawi doing HIV education and prevention with a local aid group. And I've assisted some of the U.S.'s top NGOs in Washington, D.C., both as a full-time staffer and a contractor.

Today I live in tiny Salida, CO (population: 5,200). But I maintain a global awareness and a passion to help organizations craft their messages clearly and powerfully and ensure they reach the widest possible audience. How? By drawing on my two decades' of experience in advocacy, strategic communications planning, speech writing, fundraising, and global health. And by using all available channels, be they email, social media, blogs, websites, interactive experiences, or emerging platforms. Though I am one person, I have a network of writers, designers, and photographers I can tap to handle jobs of any size or scope. I look forward to working with you.